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Big update Regarding JKSSB Exam Calendar

Big update Regarding JKSSB Exam Calendar


Exam Calendar!?

Division Bench decision is awaited regarding AP-TECH’s fate.

Will High Court allow JKSSB to carry on with the AP- TECH!?

If allowed, Exams shall be conducted very soon (possibly in FEB-MARCH)

If not allowed, a fresh tendering process will start and exams will get delayed till mid-march.

FAA hearing (ending jan…stay tuned),If stayed, exams won’t be held: if not, then it also depends upon the AP-TECH’s fate.

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JKP SI process may take whole of January and February to complete the process. So, expect PET in the end of March, 2023.What to do now?

Depends upon your financial conditions. If not well, do some job- and choose a single post- give fixed time for preparations.Best is to prepare for VLW.

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If ur financial condition is well, choose combination to prepare:

Best four combinations:

FAA & VLWFAA & Vet. Pharma. & Stock Asst.FAA & Wild Life Guard/Forest GuardVLW, Vet. Pharma & Stock AssistantNote 1: S I and Inspector (Finance), vacancies are very few. It’s upto u.

Note 2: You can choose your combination as per your strength & interest.

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Note 3: You can’t just prepare for FAA- at least, choose two posts and be safe.

Consistency is must, exams are going to be held definitely.

Attention: Recieving a lot of messages regarding stay order on FAA we reiterately mention here guys it is better to wait; no official update as of now. It vll b cleared very soon (have patience)✅

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